Things To Do.

PERTH: Eastern Ontario's Exciting Getaway Destination. Every year more and more people are finding Perth a great place to spend a weekend or a week.

  1. Bring your camera.
  2. Relax or take a walk-about Stewart Park.
  3. Visit the Perth Museum.
  4. Take the children to Conlon Farm.
  5. Visit one of the many fine artisan shops in downtown Perth.

  6.   Downtown Perth.
  7. Enjoy the nature trail at the Perth Wildlife Reserve.
  8. Beautiful scenery and Wildlife watching.
  9. Visit one of the local Provincial Parks.
  10. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the many fine restaurants.
  11. Attend one of the many yearly Festivals.
  12. Take a walking tour of Heritage Perth.
  13. Take a drive around town and see some of the historic sights.
  14. Boating from the Rideau Canal, up the Tay Canal, right into the downtown Tay River Basin.
  15. Getaway weekend at one of the local Bed & Breakfasts.
  16. Freshest air in Eastern Ontario - minimal noise. Open the window and sleep like you've never rested before.
  17. Fishing in one of the many surrounding lakes, rivers and streams.
  18. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, X-country skiing, and public ice skating at the local arena.
  19. Come and see the magnificient fall colors.
  20. Come and see Perth-in-Springtime, all in bloom.

  21.     Spring in Perth.
  22. Pamper yourself with a massage or spa service.
  23. Come for a round of golf.
26. Excellent Recreation & Sports Facilities:
  • cottages
  • camping
  • boating
  • fishing
  • canoeing
  • waterskiing
  • sailing
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • walking tours
  • parks
    Basketball at Conlon Farm.
  • soccer
  • beach volleyball
  • basketball
  • skateboarding
  • cycling
  • baseball/softball
  • cross country skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • ice fishing
  • snowshoeing
  • hockey

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